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Tall/thick privacy hedge for Los Angeles yard?

Hi - I'm looking to do a tall (10 feet or more), thick/solid hedge for our front yard in Los Angeles. Fast growing would be really nice, and nothing that takes up toooo much water. The area gets full sun. Right now I'm debating between Carolina Cherry and Eugenia, though I understand Eugenia has disease issues? What do you think? And is there anything else you'd recommend? Thanks!

Submitted by gian.schwehr

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Answered by DSchrock

A fast-growing hedge usually means that it's high mainentance, requiring frequent pruning to keep it in check. So you might want something with just a moderate growth rate.

You might consider bay laurel (Laurus nobilis). Although often grown as a tree, it also can be grown as a solid hedge.

Answered by DSchrock

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