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Sod Removal -- Methods??

As for sod removal, I figure I can either do it manually (pry it up piece by piece with a spade) or rent a sod-cutter. The thing is, I have a broken back & VERY limited leg strength (formerly paraplegic), so the manual method may be out of the question. And, a neighbor told me sod-cutters are difficult to use (heavy/cumbersome)--esp for someone in my condition. Is there any other, easier way? (or ways?) Or will I have to hire someone to do it for me?

Submitted by shan_kat7

Only you will be able to tell whether you'll have the strength to slice under and pry up pieces of sod by hand. But it's certainly worth trying. I don't think that maneuvering a sod cutter would be any easier for someone with strength issues. You may have to either dig very small pieces or hire someone to do the heavy work.

Answered by DSchrock

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