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Renter needs help with container gardening? for zone 7 and all seasons

I live in northern virginia zone 7. I also rent my home and tend to move around my town. i would love to plant a colorful and moveable(container) gardens that i can fill my deck as well as take it with me if i have to move again i'll always be in the 20147 zip area(zone 7). i'm a first time gardener and love lots of green and colors to help inspire my paintings(im an artist). Spring just started and im eager to start planting. how do you plant containers with plants for all seasons?I love Tulips
Submitted by cassandracormac

Hi, Well container gardening is a great way to garden, especially if you have to move a lot. Most any plant will grow well in a container. The key is to use good quality potting soil and water regularly. As far as plants and colors are concerned, that's really up to you. We have an extensive container gardening section on this website which should give you lots of ideas and plant combinations you can follow.

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