Palm trees and surrounding weeds

We have a tall Palm tree in our back yard - we have recently moved to AZ, my husband has decided to keep the weeds that are growing around it and around the pool, he says they are a "natural look" for the area. I have heard that Palms are in fact of the grass family. Will these weeds take the nutrients from the soil that the Palm needs to stay "alive" ? I really don't agree, but some of these weeds are pretty but i say they just don't belong! thank you I hope to hear from you soon

Submitted by flamingo6038

Palms are not members of the grass family. Regardless, it is true that weeds will take their share of  water and nutrients from the soil, so yes, they are competing with your palm. However, that would be true of any plants around your palm, including more conventional ornamentals. If you are worried about it, simply add some fertilizer to the garden, and all the plants should be fine. As for your "weeds", well, that's between you and your husband!  One person's weed patch is another's natural meadow!

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