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My Maple tree is loosing it's leaves

I have a Maple in my back yard, it the last year it has gotten huge! We live in the mountains of Big Bear, CA. There are no cars, there is a box around it so it does not get bumped by the mower. I water the grass once a day so it gets a lot of water. But I noticed that the leaves are turning brown and falling off. It is the beginning of June... Should I buy something for it? What should I do? I love this tree!

Submitted by ramonalfranklin

Browning leaves on maple could be due to one or more of many causes. It sounds as though it is getting plenty of water, perhaps too much. It's usually better to water only a couple of times per week, but give the tree a good soaking when you do water. Drying winds can cause leaf scorch on maples.

Are the brown leaves on one section of the tree or scattered throughout the canopy? Are the leaves completely brown or spotted brown? These are some of the questions that would need to be answered before being able to diagnose the problem. You could take a sample of the browning leaves (not ones that have already fallen off the tree, however) to your local cooperative extension office for diagnosis.

Answered by DSchrock
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I was thinking about it the other day, The tree had just started getting it's leaves when we got a Memorial Day snow. Could that be the cause? The leaves that are browning are mostly on the outsides of the tree. The browning parts of the leaves are from the outside of the leaf towards the inside of the leaf. Thank you for your help.
Submitted by ramonalfranklin