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lavender in zone 4

i just bought a container of lavender. i live in zone 4 and am hesitent to plant it outside, but that is what i want to do. can i? how? thank you!
Submitted by dgabse

Hi, Well the key here is knowing what type of lavendar you have. English lavenders such as Munstead or Hidcote can withstand zone 4 winters if planted in a spot that drains well (they like a sandy soil). And, if they have time to establish a good root system before fall hits. I would not plant one if you expect freezing temps within 8 weeks or so. If, on the other hand, you have a French or Spanish lavender, they will not overwinter in your zone. You could try to grow them on a sunny windowsill through the winter, but lavendar isn't the easiest plant to keep alive in a centrally-heated home. If you like you can check out the lavendars in our Plant Encyclodia on this website to figure out what species you have.

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