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Is it okay to compost sod? Or should it not be done, on account of potentially persistent weed seeds/roots?

I already asked this question, but didn't really get a direct answer... I'm collecting materials to compost, but I'm a little short on "greens". I have to remove some lawn for a new garden anyway, so I thought I'd compost some sod (we've had a mild winter & good snow cover, so a lot of grass is still green). Can sod--grass roots, attached soil, and all--be composted? Or WILL THERE BE WEED SEEDS/ROOTS that will PERSIST/SURVIVE through the decomp cycle and REMAIN "VIABLE" in my finished compost?

Submitted by shan_kat7

Hi, Well if you chop your sod up into small bits and truly compost it, meaning in a compost pile that heats up and decays, you should have no problem. If you just toss sod into a pile and assume it will disappear, then you might still have some live plant material to deal with if you spread it. Also, if you leave the chopped sod in the pile long enough, it won't come back. Basically, you should not use compost on your garden until it's fully decayed and crumbly. If you wait that long, you will be fine. It's just that different people have different interpretations of the word compost.

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