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How much topsoil would I need for 3-6 inch depth of dirt?

I'm going to try a garden without digging. It says to put down 3-6 inches of half topsoil and half compost manure. How would I find out how many bags of each I would need to equal that depth of soil?

Submitted by cyndeevarner

This answer requires a little math and making some assumptions of the size of bags that you'll use. Most large soil/compost bags contain 2 cubic feet of material. The 3 to 6 inch depth that you mention means that you're adding the material to the depth of 1/4 foot (3 inches) to 1/2 foot (6 inches). So over 1 square foot of ground you'd use 1/4 to 1/2 cubic feet of the material. Multiply that out by how many square feet of area the garden covers to find how many cubic feet of material are needed.

Answered by DSchrock

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