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How may I obtain a past issue of Country Gardens?

I just received my first issue of Country Gardens Magazine (sub #1351117674). I would like a copy of the issue prior to April / Early Spring which I just received. I saw the March (?) issue at the Atlanta Airport when passing through, and have regretted not purchasing it since then. Would you have a copy you could send me? Thank you, Cynthia Fallows

Submitted by eftwilight131

Hi, I'll be glad to help, but I'm confused. Which issue are you looking for? Country Gardens is a quarterly and I think you are saying you have the Early Spring issue. And, if you subscribed, you should be getting the Spring issue soon. Or, are you wanting the Early Spring issue. Just clarify and give me your address and I'll try to help. As editors, we do not handle subscriptions and they generally don't send out free copies, but I can do that if  you let me know exactly what you need and where you live.

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It would have been the issue before Early Spring. It contained chicken/hen house designs, small cottage gardens, and a piece about how to make window boxes - actually shelves for displaying plants under windows made out of galvanized hen house shelving, fastened to the side of a house with brackets. The writer suggested using metal buckets with holes drilled in the bottom for plantings. It was a wonderful issue, and it is what prompted me to take a card from inside and send for a two year subscription to Country Gardens. My address is: 36 Murdough Road, Stoddard, NH 03464. I would be very grateful if I could have a copy. I've searched local libraries and haven't found it.
Submitted by eftwilight131