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How do you choose a window box?

How do I choose the right kind of window box for my double hung windows? How do you water the plants on the second floor if the screen is one piece? What should I look for when shopping for a window box? Can window boxes damage the siding? Are they suppose to be removed in the winter or can I put holiday greens in them? I think they would look great on my house but I really haven't seen them except for at the lodges at the National parks or in magazine photos. Thanks for your help.
Submitted by add-on-08

Hi, Well as far as window box selection goes, it really is up to your sense of aesthetics. Wood, plastic, or iron are all available so choose what looks best with your home's exterior. Or, you can even make your own. If you can't open the screens on the second floor, you'll have to shoot water to them with a garden hose from ground level. If you can't do this or water from the window, you may want to rethink putting  a window box in place on that level because they don't often get enough water from rainfall due to roof overhangs. Your window box should not damage your siding as long as it is mounted properly. And, you can leave them up in winter and decorate them with holiday greens.

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