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How do I find a certain type of climbing vine?

There's a climbing vine I'm looking for Not sure of it's name The seed looks like a kidney bean, can't remember if it's blue/white or purple/white When it blooms on the trelis, it has light purple colored flowers on it I planted them years ago in New Hampshire I'm now in Arizona, hoping that I can find them and plant them here I'm hoping that you can help me find the name and where I can find them Thank you very much for your help I'll be waiting to hear from you thanks,Cindy
Submitted by cindyklady3

It's difficult to tell from your description exactly what the plant might be. However,  I suspect that the vine in question might be hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab, or Lablab purpureus). The seeds of this plant are a 2-toned bean, almost black with white along one side. The flowers come in long racemes on the vining plant. Seeds of it are available from a number of mail order suppliers such as Park Seed or Renee's Garden.

Answered by DSchrock

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