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How can I remove Ivy ground cover .

I have a circular area of ivy as ground cover. It's about 5 feet in diameter. I would like to remove it and plant flowers. What is the best way to remove the Ivy? Do I just go in and hack away? It looks like it might be a tough job.

Submitted by mary_capek

You are right that it woudl be a tough job. But it can be done by hand if you are diligent about removing all the traces of stems so that it doesn't grow back. Or you can simply spray it all with Roundup and let it die, THEN tear it out. You'll have to do a bit of physical labor to remove it either way, but the advantage of the ROundup is that if you don't get every trace of the plant torn out, at least the plant won't grow back.

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Physical labor is the way to do it. You can hire a professional tree service company to handle it in some cases. We run a tree service in Atlanta and have found that doing it by the hand is the only way to keep it from coming back. The key is to cut out the roots. Many people are concerned that chemicals aren't good for the environment or their family, so this is really the better option anyways.
Submitted by octaneatltreepros