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Hello there We recently bought a home on Firelane 5 in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. It is a very unique home with a beautiful property. Our new neighbour told us the house has been in Home and Garden magazine. Would you have any information on this or how to find the issue that was published? Thank you so much for your time. Kelly Ascah 905-835-0038 Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada L3K 5 V3

Submitted by dispatcher11861

Hi, I'm so sorry, I'd have no idea if your home was ever published in our publication. Plus, do you think it was published in Better Homes and Gardens or House and Garden? Those are two different publications. Unless I know what year and what issue you think your home appeared I can't really help.

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It was in better Homes and Gardens, I was there, as a child. In 1971 I think. A spiral staircase that I watched my father -- Kjell Lofstrand create.
Submitted by barbarabee57541