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Have I Killed My Hydrangea?

I planted an "Incrediball" hydrangea in June on Cape Cod. It seemed to be doing well until about two weeks ago when I fertilized it with Neptune's Harvest - a solution I use on everything in my garden and it's served me well. The leaves on the hydrangea immediately started to shrivel and now (August 28), the flowers are already completely brown and the plant looks close to what it would look like in January. Did I kill my plant?
Submitted by katemaguire1

Neptune's Harvest is pretty mild, so unless you poured it on undiluted (and maybe not even then!), I doubt it could do what you describe. Hydrangeas do get root rot if drainage isn't adequate, so if you've had a wet summer, that's a possibility. Most other diseases wouldn't kill a plant that way. Nor would most insect pests. If that's what it is, there may be little you can do at this point. But going forward, it will help to make sure the area isn't a low spot, or in the way of a downspout, or experiencing some other source of overwatering.

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