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Getting rid of bamboo

The previous homeowner planted bamboo everywhere! I keep cutting it, digging what I can out and spraying it with kill-all but it keeps coming back and some of the roots are just to big to dig out. How can I get rid of this bamboo? Its everywhere!
Submitted by yebbaesor

Hi, You don't say what you are spraying with. I would look for a brush-killing herbicide at your local garden center because bamboo is so tough it can often thrive even when sprayed with Round-up. Look for a product designed to kill brush.

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I also had bamboo everywhere from the previous owner planting it. I called Clemson University (agricultural university) and they told me that since Bamboo is a GRASS, we needed to wait until the bamboo grows about 2 feet high & the first leaves have folded out, THEN you spray the leaves with something like Round Up (strongest blend), then wait about one week (for the leaves turn brown), then cut the bamboo down. We were doing it the wrong way...we were cutting the bamboo down, then spaying the weed killer in the bamboo hole...DON'T do that. Do what Clemson University said. It kills it. You do have to keep doing that for about 1 year (depending on how bad your bamboo growth is) to really get a handle on it, though. But it does kill it.
Submitted by pmallory2541632