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Good morning, I live in pacific NW zone 8a and would like to know names of evergreen groundcovers that remain evergreen in our climate. Often it will say that a plant is evergreen but it actually can look quite shabby over our winter. The area I wish to use it in is the front garden, so it should look presentable all year round. I was looking for 1)groundcovers that can withstand some foot traffic and 2)groundcovers that are low-growing and do not like foot traffic. Thank you so much. Linda
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Hi Linda,


Thanks for writing. You didn't say if you have sun or shade so I don't know if any of these will work for you, but in general, some choices include:


Pachysandra varieties

Creeping grapeholly (Mahonia)

Creeping junipers (Juniperus)

Mondograss (Ophiopogon)

Irish moss (Sagina)


Look for these and other good choices at your local garden center or nursery.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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There are numerous creeping groundcovers that will fit your requirements. Sedums, thymes and veronicas are perfect for the northwest and remain evergreen in our winters. Sedum Coral Carpet is an excellent choice for its varience in color throughout the year. You can find a lot more info at www.stepables.com
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