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The STELLA DORA daylilys seem to be done blooming---Ithink--- There are buds that, to me look like seed pods -- is that what they are?? or are they buds ready to bloom??

Submitted by grammak561

Stella d'Oro is a reblooming daylily, so it could be sending out new flower stalks with buds. However, if it has just gone through a bloom cycle, it's quite likely that what you're seeing is seedpods. Flower buds are long and slender; seed pods tend to be shorter and more squat.

Answered by DSchrock
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I have had some of the old-fashioned daylilies in my yard but also bought some very nice ones. Even though I moved and left the old (the kind you see along country roads) behind, I am still having problems with my fancy ones reverting back to the orange look of the old lilies. The difference are when the fancy ones revert back the blooms are double in shape. They do change from the original color and become orange. I dig those as this happens. HELP Thanks
Submitted by blcessna