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Can I make a pot garden using plants in my current garden?

Dear BHG, I live in Ohio & have a flower garden that I started and have added to over the past 5 yrs. I will be moving to Connecticut & would love to bring starts from my current garden with me. I will no longer have a yard to plant them in & was wondering if there was a way I could combine them in pots. I would like to take the following: Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Hostas, a Peony, Coral Bell, Cone Flower, Bleeding Heart and 2 types of Lilies.

Submitted by ayaw3

Hi, Well you should be able to take your perennials, but don't bother with the bulbs. They won't be worth moving so I'd forget the tulips, daffodils and crocus. Now, the key is to get the rest of these plants potted up early while they are just breaking dormancy. If you do it once they are up and growing they won't be too happy. Also, fyi, lilies prefer being moved in the fall, but if you must move them, give it a try.

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