Can I Compost Sod? (grass roots, attached clumps of soil, and all?)

I'm starting a compost bin, but am a little short on "greens". As I have to dig up some lawn for a new garden anyway, I thought I'd compost some sod. If its shredded up real good 1st, can sod be composted? (roots & all) Or will there be weed seeds/roots that might persist thru the decomp cycle & remain "viable" in my finished compost? Also, if sod CAN be composted, should I let it dry 1st & use it as a "brown" instead?

Submitted by shan_kat7

You can simply toss chunks of sod into the compost pile. The larger the chunks, the longer it will take for them to decompose, but there's really no need to chop them up unless you want compost quickly.

Answered by DSchrock

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