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can an over-watered zucchini be saved?

I think I over-watered a container grown zucchini plant during a recent NJ heatwave and now it's yellowed and the stem is breaking apart. I was wondering if it's salvageable. I am considering wrapping the damaged stem with gauze so it can breathe but be strong enough to hold it together and transplanting from a container into fertilized soil so its roots can stretch further. Is this a waste of time? Or is there a chance I can save it?

Submitted by wendinj

If the stem collapse is from overwatering, the roots are most certainly affected, too. It takes consistent and careful watering to revive an overwatered plant, because the plant has to generate new roots, so it is much more susceptible to soil moisture fluctuations.

It's also possible that the collapseed stem is from squash vine borer. Here's a link to a story about squash vine borer.

Answered by DSchrock

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