Butterfly garden

I would like to attract butterflies, but does that mean that bee's will be attracted also? I have kids at my home often & they are scared of being stung by a bee. Are there plants that only butterflies would like? I live in Campbell, California. Thank you:)
Submitted by papalindo

Hi, Sorry  there are no flowers that only butterflies will like. If a plant will attract butterflies it will also attract other pollinators. But, keep in mind that bee stings in the garden are very rare. Bees are very important members of the garden and they are too busy to pay attention to your kids unless they actively try to swat at them. Bees do not attack just for the heck of it. And, teaching your kids about bees and the important role they play in society is a worthwhile experience.

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I also like butterflies but not bees..so... I put the yellow bee catchers with the "bait" (you can buy them ay Walmart)in the anme area of the garden and the bees get caught and the butterflies enjoy the salvias and butterfly bushes.
Submitted by sandydenny1945