Butterfly bush- did I ruin it?

I have had a butterfly bush (actually more like a tree!) growing in my yard successfully for several years. This year I made a change and cut it back in the fall. Apparently, that was a bad thing to do as the bush now appears to be 3/4 just dead trunk and branches. A couple of sprouts have appeared. Is it likely that this bush will come back if I leave the trunk and branches there? Or do I just cut it all off, and plant another one?
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Butterfly bush can be cut all the way to the ground. (In northern zones they die back to the ground over winter.) If yours is sprouting from the base, I'd leave the new sprouts, but cut out the old, dead shoots, if possible. Those new shoots will grow vigorously this year and bloom nicely. It would be best to wait to cut back your butterfly bush in late winter or early spring rather than fall in future years.

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