Brunnera did not come up in spring

We live in Michigan and planted brunnera in a semi-shade area. This spring they did not come up yet (it is April 12th). Will they come up or are they dead?
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Spring is the season of waiting, isn't it? I'm out several times a day, coffee mug in hand, to see what has come up, what is missing this year, what was damaged by the cold snap, and what has buds. All you can do is wait to see if the brunnera comes up. If it doesn't, consider a few things before planting your new ones. Brunnera is a plant for shade or partial shade. In ideal conditions it will have leaves all through the growing season, allowing the plant to grow and store energy in the roots and crown for the winter. In locations that are too sunny, too hot, and too dry the leaves will burn and die back early. This weakens the plant and it may not survive the winter. Several years of stress will result in the loss of the plant. Be sure the new plants are shaded and keep them moist.

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