Boxwoods turning yellow in containers

I live in a suburb of Houston and I am having a lot of difficulty with potted boxwoods. Inevitably, they turn yellow. I have used both Wintergreen and Japanese varieties. Our winters are mild so I can't attribute the yellowing to cold. The soil in their pots drains well (maybe too well) so in the 100 degree days, I have to water daily. They get a lot of shade and a few hours of afternoon sun. Should I forget the boxwoods and try another shrub?
Submitted by boydjennifer

Containers are tough places to grow shrubs in a hot climate. If you aren't doing so already, make sure they're getting regular feeding. But even with that, they may struggle, especially if they're in a relatively small container. If they continue to do poorly, try another plant, one that's a true heat lover.

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