Black worms on black-eye susans

I have got some black-eye susans and they are 2 ft tall. They have being so pretty. I have found black worms eating on the leaves. What should I do by getting rid of the worms? If I use a insecticide on them, will they continue to grow again this summer?
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The best and safest treatment whenever you see caterpillar-type worms devouring your plants is Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis). Bt is a natural product; it's actually a bacteria that is toxic to caterpillars but safe for humans. Use it sparingly, however, because it kills all caterpillars--even those that are destined to become butterflies in your garden. You'll find Bt at your local garden center. If the damage to your black-eyed Susans is extensive, you can prune off the worst of it. These durable perennials will do their best to spring right back up and bloom for you again this summer.

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