Are droopy limp soft leaves on my orchid a sign of watering too much or too little water?

i am the proud owner of a beautiful flowering orchid and also one that needs help. the leaves on the "beautiful" orchid are hard stiff and self supporting-the leaves on my challenged one are droopy soft and limp. They are both side by side in the same window and are watered just the same-is the challenged orchid receiving too much or too little water?
Submitted by traceygraysonl

Generally, an underwatered orchid will shrivel rather than droop. So, it's most likely that your limp, droopy orchid has been overwatered. You could pull it out of it's pot and look at the root system. A healthy root system should be firm and white; an overwatered root system will be soft, mushy, and/or brown. Overwatering could happen because excess water is not draining from the pot.

Answered by DSchrock

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