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Yellow leaves on blueberry bushes

Help! We planted three blueberry bushes in our vegetable garden last year. The soil has been amended over the years but because of lots of hard rains during the spring and early summer, that end of the garden seems to be very compacted. Now I have lots of blueberries, but the plants have very yellow leaves. What should I do?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Check the pH to make sure it's slightly acid (6 to 6.5). Yellowing can occur when the soil is neutral to alkaline. Also, make sure the plants have enough nutrients. If you've had a lot of rain, the nutrients (especially nitrogen) can wash out of the soil. A soil test will tell you both pH and soil fertility. You can then amend the soil and fertilize if needed. Also, although you can do your own soil test, your local cooperative extension can do one pretty inexpensively and also give you recommendations for your blueberry plants.

Luke Miller, editor

Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine

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