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Why Are My Asian Pears Losing So Many Immature Pears This Year

We live in Seattle & have 2 varieties of asian pear trees (1 each), 20-25 years old. All the pears appear healthy yet a large amount of the immature fruit (1/2” sized) fall each day. The trees have always been kept organic. All I use are sticky traps to catch insects. What would cause the trees to lose so many pears? (Note this has been a wet and cool spring).

Submitted by fantle1

It sounds as though your Asian pears were poorly pollinated. Cool, wet weather could have prevented pollinators such as bees from being active. If a blossom doesn't get pollinated, it can begin to develop into a fruit, but drops when it reaches the size that you're describing because it has no seeds inside which produce the growth hormones needed for continued fruit development.

Answered by DSchrock

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