When will my avocado tree give fruit?

We planted an avocado seed 3 years ago, now the tree is about 7 feet tall. we live in zone 9, cypress tx. when will we get an avocado? It is planted in the ground and it looks great.
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It can easily take 10 years or more for an avocado to reach bearing size from seed. They may grow 20 to 60 feet tall, so yours has a ways to go yet. In the meantime, enjoy its lovely foliage!

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If you have only one avocado tree, you'll probably need another tree to pollinate it. Male and female flowers open at different times on the same variety of tree. Avocados as a rule can't self-pollinate, and if you have 20 avocados of the same variety, you'll have few (if any)fruits. Avocados are either A-type flowering or B-type, according to which flowers open at which time. Figure out whether yours is an A or a B tree, and plant the other type near it.
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