When will be the best time to move a longan tree?

My longan tree which has been growing for a few years already is at a regular medium size. It currently sits in the front garden where the space is very limited for it to grow. I need to move it to the backyard where there will be more space. Will the longan tree die? When will be the best time to move it?

Submitted by vivienchao

The best time to move any tree or shrub is when they are dormant or semi-dormant. Since longans may never go completely dormant, move the tree during winter a month or more before it puts out its spring flush of growth. The larger the tree, the larger the rootball necessary to take during the transplanting process. It could help to root prune the tree one year (to force the roots to branch and concentrate in a smaller area), then complete the move the following year.

Answered by DSchrock

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