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Strawberries too small

Last year I planted 12 strawberry plants in my garden. I dutifully picked off the flowers to allow the plants to root well. This year the plants came up healthy and they are green with tons of flowers but the flowers only made tiny berries for the first month and now the flowers don't turn into berries at all. The patch is small....maybe too small? They get full sun and have adequate water. How can I get bigger berries?

Submitted by slirons20111

Poor weather (i.e. cool and rainy) can cause poor pollination and poor fruit set. And bugs feeding on the strawberries can be a cause of small fruit. If you are now getting no fruit set at all, then you should also consider whether some animal is eating them before they size up.  Might or might not be the reason, but do keep an eye out for that. Birds, rabbits, chipmunks -- many things love strawberries. I don't know what variety you have, but it may have stopped fruiting now because it's past its season. Some varieties fruit in early summer then they're done for the year.

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