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Spraying My Peach and Pear Trees??

I asked a question about spraying my fruit trees after blooming, I failed to mention that they are peach and pear trees. And am looking for organic spray please.

Submitted by witch___1

Hi, Well in general, peach and pear trees require little spraying. Apple  trees are the ones that need a lot of care. In fact, I never spray my pears and, for the most part, get fine fruit without any problems. It comes down to knowing what problems you want to deal with first. If you have had problems with your trees previously then spray might be needed. But, if not, I'd pass on the spray. Also, there are no general purpose organic fruit tree sprays that I'm aware of. If you have a pest, for example, such as a caterpillar then you can spray Bacillus thuringiensis, but if you have some other type of pest, then you'd need something else such as Insecticidal Soap. So, it comes down to knowing what you are trying to cure, before you spray.

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