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Propagation of Blueberries

I have done well with NorthCountry (half high) blueberries and I would like to plant a couple more. But blueberry plants are expensive. Is there some way I can propagate them myself?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

North Country blueberry (Vaccinium x hybrid) can be propagated by softwood cuttings taken in late spring or early summer. (I'm sorry we're about a month too late this season, but you could still give it a shot if you want.) Softwood cuttings should be taken when the growth is still tender and green, before it has started to turn woody. They can be anywhere between four and ten inches long, but four-inch cuttings may be more challenging than longer six- or eight-inch cuttings. Fill plastic pots with a rooting medium that contains peat, vermiculite, and/or perlite. If possible, dip the cut ends in rooting hormone before poking them into the pots. Keep them moist until rooted. North Country's lowbush parentage means they may also propagate from the seeds removed from ripe berries. Sow seeds in the ground in soil mixed with equal parts of sand and peat moss. Keep them moist. If they germinate, don't transplant them to another site until the following year.

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