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Poor Pear Tree

We just moved into a foreclosed house and we have two fruit trees: orange and pear. the orange tree seems to be doing pretty well but the pear tree is having problems: The leaves get brown and withered only some of the branches and it produced a bunch of fruit that rotted on the branch--it wasn't ripe yet though but turned brown and fell off. Even ones we picked and brought inside hoping to ripen on the windowseal rotted within a day. What's wrong? blight?
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It certainly could be fire blight. Trim off all diseased branches, making the cuts several inches below the lowest sign of disease. Dispose of all the trimmings promptly, including leaves and fruit, by sending it away to the composter or burning.

Next year, if you see dead shoots among the green, healthy foliage, trim them out promptly.

There are copper-based sprays that you can use to reduce blight. IT can be a lot of trouble if the tree is large, and expensive to hire it done by an arborist. But that's an option, just so you know. Often, just trimming and disposing of affected parts is enough to manage it.

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