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What's happening to my plum?

I planted two dwarf plum trees approximately 5 ft apart and one is turning brown. The leaves have dried up but the tips of the branches are still slightly green. The trunk of the tree is also oozing a clear sticky liquid. The other tree is green and vibrant. I used a root stimulating liquid when I planted them in the early spring and have sparingly used plant food. Do you have any idea what's wrong w/ the plum tree? i live in N.O., LA.

Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The oozing sticky liquid on the trunk is a symptom of a borer, a type of insect that tunnels under the bark and can kill the tree. It may be too late to save this tree that has turned brown, but you may need to apply protective insecticides on the other one to prevent it from getting borers also.

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