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Peach stay small, do not grow

I am in NE PA...I have a backyard peach tree that is beautiful...and this is the first year it has a heavy fruiting...I thinned, as recommended...but it is mid-July and the fruit has not grown...still about 1" -2", just seed and pulp... I see no damage to the fruit, no sapping, no rot, leaves are beautiful...tree is healthy...why will my fruit not fill out and grow past the 1" size?

Submitted by kkdag

Although you thinned the peaches, it's still possible that the tree has an excessively heavy crop load for the size of the tree. If this is its first heavy crop, it may need extra thinning to enable the fruits to reach maximum size. Also, peaches need quite a bit of moisture to size up. High temperatures and dry conditions could contribute to small fruit size.

Answered by DSchrock

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