No Fruit on Asian Pear Trees

I moved to this house near Seattle 3 years ago, and it had two Shinseiki Oriental Pear trees loaded with fruit. Since then, the trees have produced little fruit. The first year, I did nothing to the trees and they produced no fruit. Last year, I cared for the trees (cleared weeds, fertlized with Miracle Grow granules). Still nothing. Again this year, the trees flowered well, I saw some bees, but the buds are falling off. I don't see a fungus. Growing conditions are consistent. What's wrong?
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If your trees are blooming well and there are bees around, it sounds as if a good crop should follow. Naturally there will be bud drop as only a few of the buds will actually result in fruit. In fact, it is recommended that all the flowers or buds except one be removed from each spur. The fruits are formed on 2 or 3 year old spurs. Prune the trees during the winter annually to build up a strong system of spurs and remove any watersprouts that take energy from the tree. You would be wise to contact your local Cooperative Extension office (blue or yellow pages) for local advice and  soil test.

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