lemon tree not blooming

My lemon tree had lemons for two years after planting and now for the last 4 years I have not had any flowers/fruit on it. It looks healthy and is green. What can I do to get it to start blooming again.
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Thanks for writing. Be sure your lemon is growing in full sun (that other trees haven't grown up over the last couple of years and created shade which wasn't there before). Do you prune it? Pruning it too hard or at the wrong time of year can also keep it from blooming.


Are the leaves evenly green? Or are they yellow-green with darker or lighter veins? If they're not even, they may need fertilization. You should be able ot find citrus fertilizers at your local garden center.


Do you fertilize already? If so, you might try reducing it --- sometimes too much fertilizer will make a tree put on all leafy growth at the expense of blooms.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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