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Identify throny weird fruit producing pear trees & what to do about it.

I have two pear trees on my property don't know what either one are for sure,,,I thought is covered with these large thorns that you could go to battle with long & tough..both of the trees only produce fruit on one side of the tree...ive lived here 14 years and this is how they do every in westeren nc so we haven't had much of a winter for a couple of years now so I don't think I can blame this on snow or frost...they bloom beautifuly just are really weird trees...advice?
Submitted by kats07stang

It sounds like a sucker from the rootstock was allowed to grow large. You may or may not know that nearly all fruit trees are grafted onto a root stock that may be a very different kind of tree. Sometimes, these roots send up shoots. These need to be trimmed off while small, because if allowed to grow, they may overtake the original tree. The root stock may be a thorny variety, which is common with pears and several other fruit trees. So, the thing to do would be to remove the entire section of the trees down to the base. Then continue to remove new root and trunk sprouts as they arise.

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