First time growing melons

Hi, I am in the bay area and have a southern facing garden. All is going ok except for the cantelope plants. The leaves are yellowing and wilting. I added a nitrogen blend but am not seeing results? What should I do next. Thank you!!
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This is a tough one because I don't know how long your cantaloupe plants have been in the ground or how big they are. If they are recent transplants, the problem is likely transplant shock and occasional deep watering is the best remedy. If you seeded them right where they're growing or they've been in the ground for more than four weeks, the problem isn't transplant shock. Yellowing and wilting is evidence of overwatering or poorly-drained soil, but cantaloupe plants take a lot of moisture and so this sounds somewhat unlikely. Poke your finger into the soil around your plants and see if it seems excessively wet. It's not a good idea to fertilize when your plants are already stressed, and I'd avoid a high-nitrogen ferilizer in the vegetable garden because it may give you a lot of green growth and little fruit.

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