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Bringing Citrus trees back to life

I have a Mandarin, Lemon and Orange tree. Last Summer I tried hand watering however it seems I negelted them quite badly and the leaves are all dead. The branches aren't entirely dry, they seem to have some life in them. I am wondering if I just keep the watering up will this bring them back to life or do I need to feed them or do something to the soil.

Submitted by lc_mish

Citrus trees can suffer dieback and still revive. Frost or dry conditions could cause stem tips to die back. Go ahead and cut out the dead stems/shoots. The trees may resprout from the main trunk or major branches if the damage was not too severe. Keep the trees watered well. Established citrus trees usually need about 3 applications of fertilizer per year at the rate of approximately 1/2 pound of nitrogen per application.

Answered by DSchrock

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