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Why will my zonal geranium refuse to bloom

I have a zonal geranium That Iv'e had for two years now. It bloomed the first summer but after that I'm lucky to get any flowers on It at all. The plant It's self Is very healthy and I do keep It In morning sun afternnon shade as I live In Arkansas. I may get some flowers on It around late summer and again a couple In very late spring as I do over winter It but I never can get It to bloom at all over the summer.

Submitted by brgone76803390218

It sounds as though the light levels are right for bloom, so it must be some other factor. Have you repotted the plant since the first summer? It may be rootbound. Also, what fertilizer, if any do you give it? If the fertilizer is high in nitrogen, the plant will push out a lot of leafy growth and few flowers. Use a blooming plant fertilizer in which the 2nd and 3rd numbers on the label are as high (or higher) than the first one, which signifies the percentage of nitrogen.

Answered by DSchrock

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