Water amount, soil and contents of a butterfly garden?

I live in Lewisville TX(Zone 7b to Zone 8) and I want to plant a butterfly garden bed around the side of my house. Of course the soil is clay. I have Lily and Butterfly Weed already but I also want to plan Lantana, Coneflower, Blackeyed Susan and Catmint. Would these plants be compatible growing together? Also what kind of soil do they like and water? The place I place is by a gutter drain off the roof so it can be a wetter place.
Submitted by reagan1405

Hi, All of the plants you mention should do well together, although the lantana likes the soil to be a bit drier than the other plants. The rest prefer a rich, well-drained soil and may struggle in solid clay. I would improve your soil with some organic matter or even a little fresh topsoil before I plant the bed. They are very tough plants, though, so you'll probably be fine with minimal soil improvement. Just remember they all like full sun. You can see all of them in our online Plant Encyclopedia on this website.

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