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I'm planning on having purple tiger lilies for my wedding this summer and want to plant them myself. When should I plant them so they are ready by late June?
Submitted by cjmunger08

Unless you have a controlled greenhouse environment, you won't be able to time the bloom of lilies accurately. Their bloom time development varies with temperature. (Easter lily growers track leaf expansion of their crop very closely, and adjust the heat in their greenhouses accordingly to speed up or delay the onset of flowering.)

Tiger lilies normally bloom in mid- to late summer in your area. Usually the first year they are planted, blooming is delayed because they first have to develop roots before they can start top growth. Some of the Oriental lilies could be in bloom naturally by late June, but not tiger lilies. I'm afraid that you may have to purchase cut lilies to have them in time for a June wedding.

Answered by DSchrock

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