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looking for a good plant combo

i am looking for plants that would do well planted with alternanthera (joseph's coat)? i would like to plant it in a container if it would do well. my other question is that i have been removing rose bushes due to a virus, is their anything i can do to the ground to make sure it doesn't spread to the next plants that i want to put in that flower bed?

Submitted by judiblacker

Alternanthera is a great drought-tolerant annual. It would work well with many other drought-tolerant plants. You could do an advanced search in our plant encyclopedia to get ideas of which annuals and perennials would work in that situation. You can select whether you want annual or perennial flowers (or both), plant height range, and flower color as well as the "tolerates drought" box. You'll get a list of plants tailored to your specific wants. You could also search through our section on container gardening to get ideas.

Viruses don't survive in the soil. They must be in living tissue, either plant material or carriers, such as insects that spread the virus. So, as long as the infected rose bushes are removed completely, you don't need to treat the soil with anything to prevent reinfection.

Answered by DSchrock

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