Landscape Ideas for a Rural Home with Limited/No Windbreak

I would love some landscaping ideas for how to landscape a rural yard with literally no windbreak. I live in SW Oklahoma where the "wind comes sweeping down the plains" quite frequently! I have a gorgeous flowerbed in front of my house which faces the South and give somewhat of a windbreak but I would like to branch out on my landscaping and do some more throughout the yard. What landscaping ideas would you have despite my wind problem?

Submitted by mgw626

Of course, the best solution to cutting down on the effects of wind in the landscape is to plant a windbreak. If your yard lacks the space for a full shelterbelt, even a row or two of trees and shrubs will provide some benefit in reducing the wind velocity.

Also consider growing plants native to the Great Plains. They tolerate the frequent windy conditions. Likewise, plants native to seaside conditions often are adapted to windy locations.

Answered by DSchrock

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