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Flowers for beside pine tree

We have an entry area that has a pine tree and would love to put flowers around the base area--it will be sort of shaded but some sun--is there a perennial that would work or should we stick with the impact of the annuals for color all summer?? And if so which annual would do best???
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Well it depends on how close to that pine you plan o plant. Nothing will do well directly under a pine or within the perimeter of one. It will be too shady and there will be too much root competition. If this is what you are thinking of doing, we recommend you mulch under the tree and add color with low pots or planters. If you are going to plant outside the perimeter of the tree, but close by, I'd go with annuals since if you plant perennials the pine will eventually get bigger and compete with them. I don't know how much sun this area gets, but you can look at both shade and sun-loving annuals on our Plant Encyclopedia. Do an Advanced Search and plug in your criteria and you should get a nice list to work from.

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