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Will pruning my tomatoes make a difference?

I had never heard of pruning tomatoes until a friend suggested that I do so. What difference will it make?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Your friend may be right-depending on where you live and the kind of tomatoes you're growing. Because determinate tomatoes produce flowers and fruit on almost every stem, you should avoid pruning off any part of the plant. Indeterminate plants are a different story, however. Because they grow and put on flowers and fruit until the end of the season, selective pinching and pruning can keep the plants in check and open up the canopy to better air circulation and sunlight. Where summers are hot, you may want to keep more leaves to shield the fruit from the strong sun. In cooler climates, pinching out some of the suckers (secondary stems that are produced out of a leaf axis on the main stem) can create better air circulation and reduce disease problems.


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