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Why my double mock orange tree leave curling and turning brown?

I bought a health about 2 feet double mock orange tree with full bloom 4/5 months ago and put in my backyard. Now the leaves are curling and some places brown spot on the leaves. clearly it looks sick. What is the remedy Gokul Bose

Submitted by bose75rkm

Without actually seeing the mock orange, it's difficult to tell whether leaf spot disease is the primary cause of the browning that you're seeing or whether the browning may be due to moisture stress. Newly planted shrubs usually need supplemental water for their first two growing seasons after planting, until their root systems become well established. In periods of low rainfall (less than 1 inch per week), provide water to the root zone.

Fungal leaf spots could be causing some browning, too. However, this late in the growing season, it's not a matter of much concern. The leaves will soon drop off anyway as fall arrives. To prevent fungal leaf spot from developing, you can apply protective fungicide sprays early in the growing season. However, this should not be necessary is the plant is in an area with good air circulation.

Answered by DSchrock

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