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What is the best way to prevent gerbera dasies from drying up?

I love gerbera daisies. Last year, all five that I planted just dried right up, even though they were watered and fed. This year, I planted five more in a different location; one has already dried up, and it looks like another is starting to do the same thing. The weather has been mostly cool, with only three or four days of temperatures in the upper 80s. We have had rain five out of seven days each week since spring. Can you help me?
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Gerbera daisies are susceptible to a condition called foot rot, a fungus that makes the plant wilt due to damaged roots and stems. If they are too wet, they develop foot rot easily. There's no cure for this. The solution is to plant new plants in new soil, making sure the plants are not sitting in too much water. They do prefer moist soil, but it must drain well and not be soggy all the time. Rainy spring weather is probably to blame for your plants' problems. Gerbera daisies like cool temperatures, not much higher than 75 F.

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